Water Bottles' Outreach - Inglewood, CA

 Jesus' Film in Pasadena, CA
 Food distribution - Inglewood, CA
At MacArthur Park, Los Angeles
At Chinatown
Jesus' Film Back to School - Pasadena,CA
Jesus' Film in French - Martinique
Jesus Film in Convalescent Hospitals - 
Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley
Christmas Candy Canes Outreach in Inglewood & Pasadena,CA
Puppets Ministry in Highland Park
       Valentine Outreach in Los Angeles

Evangelistic Outreach with other ministries
EOM in Inglewood, CA
Evangelistic Outreach with churches - 
Harvest Festival - Highland Park Full Gospel Assembly - Highland Park, CA
Christmas Outreach
500 + cold bottles of water distributed during the summer  in the San Gabriel Valley cities, Los Angeles and Inglewood, CA - Praise the Lord!
Back to School Outreach in Highland Park, CA
Summer Evangelism in Fort de France - Martinique
Street evangelism in Inglewood, CA
Taste of Soul Evangelism
Food & clothes Distribution