Kingdom Showcases has a local and  international  mission to proclaim the good news of salvation of our Lord Jesus Christ to all individuals of all ages in the United States and  around the world.

We are located in Los Angeles, USA and will progressively open other branches in different countries.

Our mission is focused on the USA (Los Angeles-San Gabriel Valley)  in the French Caribbean Islands, and we have partners in Nigeria, and more countries as the Lord will open the doors for Kingdom Showcases' ministry.

 The message of salvation translated in different languages is spread through evangelistic outreaches, street evangelism, the internet, and other venues. (see some pictures)

 We also help the churches and other outreach ministries to reach out in their city  through different activities during the year (see some pictures) - If you are a church and an outreach ministry and you need help in your outreach activities, please call us at 626-241-0459.

We pray for you, your family, job, ministry, cities, countries, your church and more.....

Our office number 626-241-0459 is available (10:30am-5:30pm) Monday-Friday for prayers and also on the prayer line 605-475-6720  Pin 8088475 every Thursday at 9pm. Hope to hear you on the line.(free minutes for cell phones after 9pm)

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